Kadıköy Ecological Life and Environment Festival 2018 brought all nature-friendly organizations and individuals together at Selamiçeşme Freedom Park between May 31 - June 03, 2018 for the second time.

With the booths and activities highlighting the theme "Marmara Sea and Its Biodiversity", the festival brought all the people striving for the nature together and gave them the opportunity to take steps towards an ecological life for 4 days. Within the scope of the festival allowing visitors of all ages to improve their experiences about ecological life, participants shared their experiences and activities in their booths. Little environmentalists were offered with all-day workshop activities, book reading sessions accompanied by drama, and games, where theatrical performances prepared by sensitive manufacturers regarding recycling, climate, energy and water saving were delivered.

The 2018 Environment Festival was attended by 28,000 people where 5,000 cloth bags, 2,000 magnets and 15,000 leaflets were distributed.

Entity - Person Booth No
Şişecam A1
Kadıköy City Council A2
Kadıköy Municipality Volunteers A3
ALİKEV (Ali İsmail Korkmaz Foundation) A4
Association for Supporting Contemporary Life  A5
ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection - Packaging Waste Recovery & Recycling Foundation Vakfı A6
TURMEPA - Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association A7
Association for Islands and Sea Life and Sports Club A8
WWF - World Wildlife Fund A9
GEA Research, Rescue and Ecological Group A10
Cactus Turkey A11
National Seed Exchange Center  A13
Northern Forests Defense A15
Association of Social Rights A16
TÜBİSAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association) A17
TAP (Portable Battery Manufacturers and Exporters Association) A18
PT Recycling A19
Kadıköy Municipality B1-B2-B3
CODALoop Turkey B4
Good4Trust B5
Greenpeace Mediterranean B6
Earth Association B7
Yeni İnsan Publishing House B8
EcoMap B9
Environmentalist Activities/Sustainability Steps B10
ÇEKÜL Foundation (Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) B12
Foresters' Association of Turkey Marmara Branch B13
Home Association B14
Cybele Collective B15
Wheat Association for Supporting Ecological Living B16
Sinek Sekiz Publishing House B17
Munzur Preservation Committee B18
Antinuclear Platform (NKP) B19
Black Sea Rebelling Platform + Ordu Environmental Association B20
Yazılama Publishing House B21
Chamber of Electrical Engineers Istanbul Branch B22-B23
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Kadıköy Branch
TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul Branch
Kadıköy City Solidarity B24
Validebağ Defense
Bergama Women's Initiative, Production and Operation Cooperative C1
Good Things Association
Women Producers of Yırca Village C2
Potlach C3- C4
Come & Play C5
Sarıyer Entrepreneur Women's Association C6
MÜSAS - Marmara University Undenwater Sports Club (May 31) C7
Zero-Waste Living (June 01)
Eco-Seed Paper Workshop (June 02)
Upcycle Turkey - Upcycling Workshop (June 03)
Marmara University Vocational School of Technical Sciences (May 31) C8
Trail Ecological Collective (June 01)
Lions Club (June 02)
Faculty Arts (June 03)
Validebağ Volunteers Association + Koşuyolu Environmental Volunteers C9
Banu Bozdemir (May 31 - June 01) C10
Kadıköy Cooperative (June 02-03)
Cornerstones of Science (May 31 - June 01) C11
Bicycle-Transportation Platform (June 02-03)
Batman Natural Life Conservation and Outdoor Sports Association C12
Don Quixote Bicycle Collective C13
Nature Association D1
TEMA Foundation (Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) Kadıköy D2
Okul Öncesi Akademi Publishing House D3