The Ecological Life and Environment Festival 2017 was held between May 26-28, 2017 at Selamiçeşme Freedom Park with the theme of "Ecological Life in the City" thanks to the collective efforts exerted by 97 individuals and entities from NGOs, Initiatives, Associations and Universities who worked on local anti-climate change action, energy and water efficiency, waste management and permaculture with a participatory understanding and served to preserve wild life in the city. This allowed to bring together all components focusing on the nature.

Within the scope of the festival allowing visitors of all ages to improve their experiences about ecological life, 49 NGO's, foundations and communities struggling for the nature shared their activities in their booths. The festival offered 65 distinct workshops from vinegar and bread making to urban gardening and compost and seed growing; 32 bull sessions with professionals including Prof. E. Beyza Üstün, Prof. Mikdat Kadıoğlu, Ediz Hun, Mine Kırıkkanat and Asst. Prof. Yavuz Dizdar and many other names; 27 distinct green space activities such as bird observations, book reading sessions, creative drama performances and breathe therapy sessions; and drama and puppet shows, concerts and sustainable film screenings intended for children.

The Environment Festival 2017 was attended by 18,067 people where 7,000 cloth bags, 2,000 water bottles, 5,000 hats, 2,000 magnets and 20,000 leaflets were distributed.

1 Kadıköy Volunteers A1
2 Wheat Association A2
3 ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection - Packaging Waste Recovery & Recycling Foundation) A3
5 Silivri Municipality Agricultural Production & Research Center A5
6 Mobility booth 1 (Mustafa Aykın Elementary School / Origami with Rüya Aydınoğlu / Circuit Istanbul) A6
7 Mobility booth 2 (Faik Reşit Unat Secondary School / Cactus Turkey / Glass Workshop) A7
8 Zeytinburnu Medical Plants Garden (ZTTB) A8
9 Women Producers of Yırca Village A9
10  National Seed Exchange Center A10
11 Validebağ Volunteers A11
12 Socialist Engineers & Architects A12
14 TÜBİSAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association) A14
15 Civil and Ecological Rights Association A15
16 Turkish Association for the Conservation of Nature A16
17 Ovacık Village Women Seed Association A17
18 Black Sea Rebelling Platform A18
19 Kadıköy City Council A19
20          Portable Battery Manufacturers and Importers Association (TAP) A20
21 Kadıköy Municipality B1-B2-B3
22 Earth Association B4-B5
23  Yeni İnsan Publishing House B6
24 Environmental Activities Platform B7
25  EcoMap B8
26 ÇEKÜL Foundation (Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) B9
27 Banu Bozdemir (Author) B10
28 TEMA (Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) B11
29 Nature Association B12
30 Home Association B13
31 Kadıköy Platform for Friends of Animal B14
32 Munzur Preservation Committee B15
33 EkoIQ B16
34 KOLZA B17
35 Okul Öncesi Akademi Publishing House C1-C2
37 Kadıköy Bicycle C5-C6
38 Makerhane C8
39 Come & Play C9
40 SS Sarıyer and Vicinity Entrepreneur Women's Environmental, Cultural and Operational Cooperative C10
41 Dilek YÜKSEL / TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul Branch C12